Monday, January 07, 2008

I don't like that last post taking up all that room on the top of my blog, so....
I love my birthday. This year, the Yogini and I will be 38 together. Her number is 3 and mine is 8, and I think that's cool. It won't happen again until we are 83 which is 45 years from now. And as you may have figured out, that is more than a lifetime away. Freaking awesome. And Pluto (still a planet in my eyes) is in my court for like the next 15 years.
My birthday plans changed when we got ourselves a January thaw and it was over 60 degrees out today. So, skiing, no. But, I am meeting Mountain Girl at Kent State tomorrow and we're going ice skating. Then to Taco Tontos. Then to see a movie. I feel 16, except happier and luckier and considerably older.

Happy happy happy almost-birthday, Skycat!!! :)

(Do I remember correctly, that "Skycat" was born on one of your birthdays?)

Hope it's a fabulous day! I *SO* wish we could celebrate with you this year...but we are sending lots of love and will maybe try to celebrate with you next Jan. 8th?
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