Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ever you wondered to yourself, "is the yogini home?" Here's how you can know for sure. I'll even list it. Top ten? Ok, I'll give it a go. Backwards? Sure, I'm not afeared. With disclaimers? Quite possibly.
10. A bad dropped stitch will stay dropped.
9. Therefore...nobody is knitting.
8. Skycat is on the phone, intentionally.
7. NPR is silent...for now.
6. There's really bad tv on or a gay boy show (redundant?).
5. All lights are out so as to avoid unannounced relative drop-ins.
4. The truck is not in the driveway because she has disowned the Lumina like a divorced father to his kids from the first marriage...but different.
3. It just doesn't smell quite as good in here.
2. It's Wednesday night and that's Yogalates night in Champion!
And the number one sign that the yogini is out...
1. Skycat is laying on the couch eating fake taco meat with toasted pita scraps in a bowl

Monday, September 24, 2007

Back home for a few days. Took the truck to its first show.
In Columbus. Show bad, truck good. Delicious after show meal at
Taj Mahal on High Street. So freaking tasty. Navratam Korma and Channa something
with spinach.

Father-in-law may be ashamed of our landscaping (Crse) as I keep returning home to a freshly mowed lawn. The Yogini suggests that he just likes to do things for us. Could be.

Three stray cats keep visiting our back patio. On different occasions, but rather often. One is whiny, one has white boots on a lithe black body and one is a calico hunter. We have promised the rooftop kitties that they are the only ones for us.

Must not make eye contact with other cats. A lot like living in the Mission if you substitute "anyone" for "other cats."

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So, the yogini and I bought a truck today. It's awesome.
S10 pickup with an extended cab and a swiss cap. It will be our new show vehicle.
It is black.

So, yesterday I called Progressive to add this vehicle to our insurance.
But first, let me tell you about a little conversation I had with Mountain Girl two days earlier. An old friend came up because yogini and I were wondering about where this friend - I'll call him Dave because that is only one letter off of his actual name - is living. And Mountain Girl said she heard he was living in her neighborhood. And we'd all lived in SF a few years back. And yogini and I said we'd like to try and find him. And I've googled him up and down and can't find anything. So, I call Progressive...

And they are always so damn helpful. Truly. I have great experiences on the phone with these guys. And one comes on the line. "Hi, this is "Dave" how can I help you." And I start explaining and then I say, "you sound just like a "Dave" I know." AND HE IS!!! How cool is that? Of course he couldn't help me with my insurance.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Something sticky out here on my new alpaca socks.
Used tissues are not the culprit.
One left on my nightstand by the red aluminum bottle.
Peak flow low.
Only thirty seven degrees soon to be eighty.
Three empty gallons of distilled water from the humidifier.
Another tissue used and moved.
Steamed sleeves wait on the floor.
Darker earlier. Early waker.
Weather channel offers local doppler radar.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Ode to Gospel Bob
in the key of C

Countin' mountains and land that juts
pool table bars and hussy sluts
basement dens turkey free
yogini skycat and the famed lb
big wheels turnin - nearly losing track
so many stars when you're on your back
walk without pants in the berry patch
sparkin a fire with the very last match
food food food food food food food
no names needed cause it's all damn good
tequila travels and blue heron bars
driving at night in rusty dark cars
later nights longer sips louder laughs all the way
hap hap hap, hap hap hap, hap hap happy birthday

Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm back in Ohio again. (I was singing that - musically, not flamatically)
The cats are fine. Purring. Happy to see us. It is mutual.
Anyone in NYC on Saturday? It was super melty. Very hot. Scorcherific. But the Yogini and Skycat had a great show and we sold many knits, and we are going truck shopping this week. Yahhhhhoooooo! Also, the midweek in Maine was lovely. Did see the Bush compound - and, no, that is not a sexual reference (today) - but mostly ate delicious food, walked on the beach and read cheesy novels. Yum. I think we are going back the first week in October! Grissini's in Kennebunkport serves a deep glass of wine. Pongal on Lexington in New York is rich, red and delicious. And Balducci's by Lincoln Center has the most creative and flavorful wheatberry salad ever eaten - a few of the inspired ingredients are pistachios or pine nuts (different on two occasions), cranberries and mandarin nuggets. I'm taking a day off.

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