Thursday, August 30, 2007

i have an issue.
love to go away.
hate to leave home.
this is only temporary, and usually passes after a few hours on the road. but it starts early. 10 nights is a long time. especially when the tiny rooftop kitty - who does not live on a rooftop anymore either - will be home so lonely. i will be busy. earning gobs of money. reclining with book and yogini and a drink. driving. driving driving. (i like driving so much i even have a patch) but the stress gets me shaky and this evening even asthmatic to an extreme. truly fucking annoying. i plan to get over it shortly. because i like to breathe and laugh. and laughing takes breathing.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

oh. and because luckybuzz. i was going to add to that, but i like the way it hums.

Four Things Meme

Four Jobs I Have Had In My Life:
1) knitter
2) proofreader
3) cocktail waitress at a cabaret and juice joint
4) ice cream truck driver

Four Places I Have Lived:
1) champion township trumbull county ohio
2) miami
3) seattle
4) san francisco

Four Favorite Foods:
1) my home grown vegetables
2) indian indian indian
3) tacos at skycat and the yogini's taco nights
4) fake meat deliciousness

Four Places I’d Rather Be:
1) tropical beach
2) foggy beach
3) windy dunes by the beach
4) sorry so lame, but...i'm here

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
1) big chill
2) enemy of the state
3) jaws
4) quiz show

Four TV Shows I Like To Watch
1) psyche
2) magnum pi
3) burn notice
4) queer as folk

Four Websites I View Daily
1) blogactive
2) bbc news
3) jakdesigns
4) stonyfield

Four Computers I Have Owned
1)texas instruments
2)the one lb gave me
3)the one dr jon gave me
4)the one ebay gave me

Four numbers i like

1) 3
2) 8
3) 205
4) 32

ok. time for my 6-month update. quite inspired by gospel bob's emergence on the blog scene. who knew. heading to nyc in a day and a half for big shows and....our first tiny vacation in a while. the yogini and i are going to kennebunkport for 3 days. by the beach. the 10 day forecast shows that we might even get some fog. it will remind me of childhood camping on ferry beach. which is apparently a short drive north. yogini has never been to Maine. or new hampshire which we will drive through. knitwear. veggie restaurants in new york. coffee on beach. driving through new england. i think jonathan richman had something to say about that. if not driving.

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