Friday, September 30, 2005

It is the last day of September and mother nature seems to have finally remembered that this is our summer. Throughout July and August, it is customary to wear several layers of clothing because of the ever-changing temperatures that are more than likely to fall below fifty degrees. San Franciscans wait patiently for the children to return to school, knowing that the sunshiny weather will also return around the same time. (And, the kids are in school, and not on the street or in every store or your house or other places!) Well, this year we waited. And waited. And September arrived with a chill in the air. And even a little rain. We all grew concerned, recognizing the cold, moist temperatures as a trademark of December or maybe November. We wondered if the rains would be upon us and gray skies would fill the fall. And then, just a few days ago, September summer began. A few more flowers bloomed and we hung our laundry out on the line to dry. Families started going for walks in the evening, to enjoy the first cool breeze of the day. On the ferry, I moved from my indoor seat to the deck, because, finally, the sun was able to compete with the blowing wind off the bay. As our summer begins, I hope you are enjoying the changing colors of fall. (I heard that nobody on the west coast reads these things.)

**Pedestrians and cyclists are different species. Remind me to tell you about Shantina.

Friday, September 23, 2005

It's been just over a month. I kept saying (to myself, as seems to be the case for the last 30 days) I would get back on it before a month had passed. Nothing too crazy happened - I did help birth a baby - but I'm not recently revived from a coma or just out of prison. And yet, day after day after day, nothing. Not a word. And now, here I am, and looks what's happening. I'm going to start back slow. Maybe a few sentences a few times a week. Perhaps a profundity as it occurs. I'm marrying some people tomorrow - officiating - a celbrant - a reverend - the preacher. The ceremony will be in the Marin headlands on the west side after you cross the golden gate bridge. There will be a circle of guests on a cliff overlooking the ocean from far above it. I'm even doing a handfasting variation for the first time. Yeehaw. The baby birthing was really the biggest deal. Second time I've been in on one of those. She came out perfect. Pink and sweet and whole and cute. Right away. I know it sounds made up. It's not.

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