Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Question: How small town can a skycat get in one month?
Answer: I just filled out a Valentine's Day note to be published in the local paper. It's to the Yogini. And I cranked up the gas-powered snow blower and plowed the driveway - picture to follow when I figure out how. See above - wooohoo. And I went through the local coupon book and ate out at a Mexican Restaurant on 5 with a buy one get one free deal. There may be more, but I'm blending in so quickly that I hardly notice. Oh yeah, I circled all the good deals in a flyer for the Giant Eagle that I still call the Golden Eagle - Amy's soups 5 for $10! Going to go walk on the treadmill, do some knitting, then bake a pie for a neighbor who just had a death in the family.

Monday, January 29, 2007

It seems like so little is happening here. Maybe because it is.
I almost didn't post, and then it happened. My audience grew by like 25%. Very exciting in this part of the basement.

It is indeed difficult to maintain the "cat on roof" facade whilst living below ground. I never even know when it is raining until I have to pee. When I do get out, it inevitably enters every conversation that we have come from San Francisco to Ohio. EVERY person says the exact same thing. Well, first they do the same look. A kind of confused "I must have misheard that" head tilt. Then they say it. Why. They all ask why, like why did you jump off that bridge or why did you put your hand on the hot burner or why did you put pickles in the lime jello. And they all live here. And I bet (and the Yogini agrees) that almost none of them have ever even been to California. So that's fun.

Prepping for next show. After I take a day off and watch prime time in the day time. My credit score is 670.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm back. Sort of. Or, I'm here.
I have been in my in-laws basement for a month.
And no, this is not a plea for help.
It's actually been rather enjoyable.
They let me out and the Yogini and I have been
wandering the northeastern part of the state
looking for a home of our own. Slow going.
Made it east with less $$ than we hoped for.
And sales were so good this year that we
need to send our old state about $5K in tax money
next week. But it's going to happen.
And I'm going to give this blog a try. Again.

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