Monday, December 18, 2006

3 nights left.
All the plants are gone.
Sleeping on the couch.
Shipping 17 boxes with some guy with a pickup.
But he gave me his pastor's number for a reference.
He's coming to get them after we're gone.
So much yarn so little time.
This haiku went bad long ago.
Can't sleep past four.
Not from cat.
Ohio is warmer than Frisco.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Letters are cool. Pack pack packing.
Give give giving away. Sell sell selling on craigslist.
And stressing about staying in crappy ass motels as we
cross america. They are so icky to me. I would sleep in the car if
that wouldn't somehow be more exhausting and stanky. I think.
Yogini returned. sigh. Shipped 66 boxes with some guy in some truck, and
per his last email, he was in wyoming this morning having missed out on a storm
in salt lake city. i seem to be losing my capitals. along with various other important tools. leaving in less than a week to surprise my inlaws on xmas day. happy hannukah.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Doing shows doing shows doing shows. Done today mostly. Yogini will be done in Chicago tonight. Tomorrow I must pack everything we own except for what I can't figure out and what we need to wear around town. Tomorrow night I will load the cats into the Lumina for a drive to the airport - Oakland - to pick up the Yogini and to try out their travel legs. Tuesday morning I will load up 210 square feet of our lives in cardboard onto some guy's truck and hope it will arrive safely in my new home state. Then I go proofread then I meet the Yogini at our actual last show then then then then.

The big wheel is turning fast these days. When the apartment is empty and the orders are knit and triple a tells me the best way to avoid snowy mountains maybe I will get a cold becuase the stress level will have diminished oh so low. Did I mention 5 appointments in 8 days - eye doctor, girl doctor, general doctor, house doctor and savings doctor. And 3 social event goodbyes. And The Yogini and I will try to celebrate eleven years together right in the middle of all that. Because we kissed for the very first time over a decade ago next Sunday, shortly after Luckybuzz asked the Yogini if she was coming home and I answered back "no" hoping she wouldn't notice that the Yogini didn't say it and hoping the Yogini wouldn't disagree. And, you already figured out, she did not. And so now I am moving to Ohio. Who would of thunk it. Really, who?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

My friend - the pretty tall boy - and I decided to write one of these of our own. Here it is. If you have the time to read it then you have the time to do it.

1. Ever swim with a dolphin or feed a carnivore?
S-I've cooked for meat eaters.
PTB-Never swam with a dolphin, Well maybe, I was in the
ocean at the ame time they were. Maybe we were playing
hide and seek, and they forgot to tell me I was IT. I
feed the Carnivores all the time, Sometimes I feel
like I am living in the Jurrasic Period.

2. When was the last time you pretended to be someone
S-Yesterday. The Yogini was home and it was easier to just
say I design all the knits.
PTB-I do it all the time to Vendors on the phone. But on
a daily basis, I pretend that I am a wealthy socialite
who travels the Globe in search of adventure, or a
coffe house.....Then I have to pop back to reality and
take the next call.

3. What fruit should never be in a fruit salad?
S-Grapefruit (really, citrus in general)

4. Who is the most famous Person you have ever met?
S-I sat next to Paul Newman at a play in Connecticut.
PTB-I Didn't meet her, but I sat next to Tracy Ullman
and her husband....OK, I was excited. I did met Will
Wheaton, and several National TV News people who are
important to some.

5. What dream of yours has actually come true?
S-So freaking many. I don't usually notice til a week
later though. But I did dream about finding a heart
and then I took a walk when I woke up and found a
heart. And I'm not talking Oz.
PTB-Oh! so many have come true. But I would have to say
it was the one where, I found a dollar on the ground
and decided to by a candy bar, and then won a
faboulous trip to the factory, were a man in a purple
hat left me the whole schebang, and I lived with
little people, until my cousin visited, and we decided
to take a trip to Hazard county and make moonshine,
and drive around in a fast car with a confederate flag
on the roof. ( Pissed of the visitors from New England
) Anyway, after several months of reliving the same
day, I decided to see what was happening in
England.....Not much, so I decided to take a boat ride
back on the TITANIC, which turns out to not have been
a good decision. Well luckily, it is actually Women,
children, and those that act like both, first. So I
was saved. After that I came back to Seattle.
I know there are other dreams that have come true but
I can only remember one at a time.

6. If you could be a Natural Wonder, Would you be a
Volcano, or a Mountain.
S-What, do you have something against all the other
wonders? like woman, boy and ball? And what do you
mean IF I could be a natural wonder? Hellooooo! Have
you met me?
PTB-I would be a VOLCANO. In Fact I would want to be
Krakatoa, Which is East of Java, It's full of molten
bodies, and FIERY LAVA.
No, Actually I think I would want to be Vesuvius, I
would tower over the Bay of Naples, my birth was the
slamming of two tectonic plates pushing the land of
Italy (which I helped create ) into Europe at the
rate that your finger nails grow. I would bask in the
Sun, and do a little show every couple decades.

7.Other then the really obvious, have you ever named
one of your body parts - or someone else's?
S-I call the Yogini's rear area after her business.
PTB- Yes, I cannot remember what I called them, But I
did name Ears once. I should do that again actually.
Because they are so cute.

8. If you could touch objects,with your small toe, on
your right foot, on every other Sunday, in months that
ended with Y, and they would change into one kind of
thing. What would that thing be.....

S1That is so weird. I did touch something with my
small toe...on my RIGHT - get this - JULY!!!
Well, what happened next is still hard to talk about.
Suffice it to say that I am no longer using maple
syrup and I won't get out of bed before 6:17.
PTB-Well, If it was me. I would make everything I
touched on those few magical days.......Silver. Why
silver you ask. Because it is pretty.
I would make all sorts of things silver on that
magical day. Including these few things as listed
Hot Dogs, ( How many silver Hot dogs have you
seen....I bet it is zero. If I had this magical power,
I bet to venture, you would see a couple. )
Dradels, Just because it is close to Hanukkah.
Fire Hydrants, Because Dogs like to pee on important
things too.
Pilings on Docks, This way, we would have no more
stinky Creasote logs, and the pilings would last a
very long time, and we would not need to chop
additional trees down.

9.Who is the most compassionate person you know?
S-It's a toss up between two people I love. One thinks
Bob Barker is the most compassionate person around and
the other knits.
PTB- Bob Barker. He loves those animals, and those

10. Favorite Place to Skinny Dip.

S-Like you have to ask. Can you say Wenatchee?
PTB-I love Wenatchee too......I do miss the high dives
at Madison Beach, though.....

11. Strangest place you've been naked.
S-A cemetary where I partly slid down a tree
(ow!ass)til I was caught by a great big homo.
PTB- A Cemetary next to Volunteer park.......I was
Drunk. So were they. I played leap frog, over
tombstones, and cuaght naked Lesbians that were
falling from the trees.

12. Strangest Person you ever had sex with?
S-Someone named tornado and a few other people and the
curtains caught on fire and I thought it looked
pretty. Or was it the emt I picked up at the brass
PTB-Honestly, there has been more then a couple
WEIRD....ones. I have had STRANGE, as in you are
weird, and somewhat scary, and I have had STRANGE as
in looking, and I have had STRANGE as in not working
well. I am sorry, but I just can't limit myself to
just one. It is kinda like Girl Scout cookies. You
just can't have one.

13. What continent? What country? What city? What

S-For me, South America, then Spain, then Flemington,
then tropical. All totally unrelated, I see, but all
places I think of when I hear those words.
PTB-Europe, Lichtenstein, Timbuktu,Tropical

14. The Topic is BIRD. The Question is, What kind of
BIRD would you be, if you could be a BIRD.

S-My first thought - big. Second - hawk. Third -
falcon. I shall be Hawky Falcone!
PTB- Bird.Bird. Bird is the word. Bird, Bird, Bird, Bird
is the word. Now that I have let that out of my
system. I would be a DODO, wait! Actually no, that
would me I was extinct. I would be a Penguin. I would
not be a Antarctic Penguin. I would be a Penguin in
the warmer waters of South America.

15. What's the best 5 letter word you can think of
right now, without a dictionary or more than a minute
of contemplation?
S- peace

16. If you could be in a Walt Disney movie. Which one
would you be in?

S- Old school Robin Hood - I'd like to odilally odilally
all day long!
PTB-This is a hard one for me.........As you should
know, I want to be in all of them. But, If I had to
choose, It would be Bedknobs and Broomsticks. ( In
Search of the Castaways was a close second )

17. If you were lounging on a sunny rooftop with
friends, what would you be drinking? Eating?

S-Fruity sangria and cheetos(!)and coconut popsicles
PTB-I would be drinking Strawberry Concoctions with a
dizzying joy factor of 10, and we would be eating
Cheetos, and Cake.

18. Who would you be out of the Group.......The Mama's
and The Papa's

S-Mama Cass - did you see her moves and of course, the
PTB-I would be John Phillips, He was hip and a cutie.

19. Favorite lyric. (Again, don't think too long on
this. I'll ask again next week and you can change your
S-You've just kind of wasted my precious time, don't think twice it's alright
PTB-Mesopotamia B52's

20. What is your favorite Island?
S- Fantasy or that one in the stream
PTB-Bora Bora-I just love the name. I want to wear a grass skirt, and chase people around shouting BORA BORA!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Brrrrrrr. Is it colder in Ohio than it is here? Don't answer. I know the truth. Maybe it's because I'm sleeping alone these days. The Yogini is in Chicago for a week. Shipping out 210 square feet of stuff this week with a guy I found on Craigslist. $500. I think this is good. If all our stuff disappears, at least I'll still have my fancy printer, the knitting machines and the cats. You can start a new life with just that, right? Keep in mind, I'll also have my raspberry duvet. Must get to knitting for the final show. Try to write more when I am warm and out of yarn. P.S. The cold weather seems to have obliterated the last of the slugs. Huzzaaaahhhhhh.

Friday, December 01, 2006

It's December. I made some fig newtons. Haven't packed a thing, but I did call Amtrak for some shipping info. Here's a question, or a quandry. If I ship 500lbs with the post office and it goes directly to the house I need it at, that will cost me $425. If I ship it with Amtrak, to a train station an hour away from destination, where someone will have to go and pick it up and bring it, it will cost $285. That's $140 for convenience for those of you who are mathematically impaired - no finger pointing. Any thoughts. Note: I don't really have any money, but I've got to get my goods where I'm going, and I am not driving a uhaul crapster all the way across the country in December with the Yogini and 2 cats.

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